Lifestyle of a Student Architect

Architecture course is one of the most challenging yet rewarding courses that only passionate students pursue.   It is a fusion of art and science. Owing to this unconventional nature of the course, the lifestyle of an architecture student is also different. More than an academic journey, it is a lifestyle that gets integrated into the daily routine of each student. Early bird or a night owl, students enjoy this hectic lifestyle as it is fulfilling at the end. Let’s have a sneak peek into the lifestyle of an architecture student.

The all-time studio time

 For architecture students, the studio is where we get sculpted into an architect. For us, everything revolves around our studio. Studio time is for learning, exploring, and experimenting. There we create camaraderie with fellow students and enjoy the beauty of teamwork. We form groups and share our ideas and opinions. 

 Exploring places that boast architectural marvels

 As architectural students, we get to travel a lot. Visiting places is integral to the learning of history and architectural styles of various places and iconic buildings. We create memories, witness different cultures and we learn more about the various shades of architecture that transcend the borders.

Such visits provide us with valuable insights into the field of architecture. We get to explore and learn various architectural techniques related to the place. It involves historical, geographical, climatic, and economic aspects. The knowledge of various types of building materials, and the places’s historical importance are all significant in widening the horizons of our knowledge. Moreover,  these visits are crucial for us to become sensitive to different cultures

Immersing in creative pursuits

As you may know, architecture is where art and science meet to build structures. A student opts for an architecture course only when he or she has the passion and enthusiasm for both art and science. So, it is clear that architecture courses demand artistic skills. Every design becomes a beautiful symphony when an architect weaves practicality and creativity in perfect proportion. So it’s obvious our days are busy with creating intricate models and portfolios that exude creative fervor.

Balancing personal and academic life

 Overwhelmed by academic load, we tend to learn to balance personal and academic life. Work-life balance often evades us. However, sticking to a practical time management schedule helps us give time to both academic and personal activities. Thus, we schedule time for sports and other physical activities. Moreover, participating actively in extracurricular activities also refreshes our mind and body.

Hand in hand with technology 

  Technology has been an integral part of our lives. We need to be updated to deliver innovative and sustainable structures. Whether it is AutoCad or AI, learning to manage various technological tools is part and parcel of our lives. It equips us to enter into the technologically driven architectural landscape with confidence.

Networking to stay afloat

 To ensure a flourishing career in architecture, you need to forge connections with veterans in the field. Hence, through various endeavors like workshops and seminars,  we learn to weave new networks. Thus, architecture courses go beyond the confines of the classroom.


From drawing and design to execution, an architect’s keen eye and precision are demanded at every stage. It necessitates the student to adopt a lifestyle that meets all the needs of the course. As the academic year nears the end, the student has already been transformed into a professional.

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