The TKM School of Architecture seeks to impart training for developing a creative mind in students, leading to design innovation, for the betterment of the society and nation at large. TKMSA is positioned as one of the best Architecture Colleges In Kerala

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Architecture is a study of the artistic and organizational aspects of a building. The B Arch course is designed to help you  learn space management for maximum benefit along with architectural planning and design. This field uses very little  core math.


In order to be effective, we seek to impart a student centred  approach that recognizes individual traits in learners and help them to present their best qualities.

Our Architecture Student-focused curriculum helps us retain our position as one of the best architecture colleges in Kerala.

Student-centered classrooms embody students in planning, implementation, and assessments. Engaging the students in these decisions will make them more responsible, which is usually a good thing.


Architecture is increasing for more collaborations across disciplines and we at TKM SA aim to give our students a competitive edge in an interdisciplinary approach to design.

Through the application of a multidisciplinary approach, problems are reframed and solutions are developed based on a new understanding of complex problems. Diverse perspectives and experiences allow us to generate better solutions with a better understanding.

When multiple design disciplines are applied together, we call it multidisciplinary design. 


Modern Pedagogy

The school’s pedagogical methods emphasize a holistic approach to the projects in order to improve students’ design skills. It also provides the opportunity to experiment with entrepreneurial skills developed within the institution.

Our well-defined b.arch curriculum will facilitate a collaborative classroom atmosphere and cordial relationships between the educator and the students and we aim to be one of the best b arch colleges in Kerala.

TKM SA’s ideal pedagogy approach transforms the trained professional into an amateur, enabling him to become an expert at problem-solving. It’s no surprise that architecture is application-oriented. It is referred to as the mother of arts and includes bits and pieces from various disciplines. There is no doubt that in the following decades, built environments and infrastructure will shape economies and societies, making architects the harbingers. It is therefore important to work on the nuances of architectural education. In the B Arch Degree exams, our students have achieved high rankings, and we have shone among architecture colleges in Kerala.

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Collaborative Learning

Architectural design has always been a collaborative and participatory process. To achieve a single goal, it takes experienced individuals working together, including architects, engineers, and clients.

In design studios, architecture students must interact, communicate, and debate with their peers and instructors. Furthermore, they must collaborate to achieve the same goal in order to be prepared for the highly collaborative nature of the architectural practice into which they will enter.

TKM SA is one such architecture college in Kerala that aims to create valuable learning environments that take advantage of different means of communication and interaction tools. This enables students to collaborate successfully and gain confidence in their abilities.


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