TKM School of Architecture is the eighth educational institution established by the TKM College Trust. This School is managed by the governing body with its Chairman as the head of the institution. The Administrator and the Principal are the executive heads of the School along with the Dean who is in charge of the academic affairs and he is assisted by the faculty.

Governing Body

Sri. S.H. Musaliar
Sri. T. Kamaluddin Musaliar
Sri. T. K. Jalaluddin Musaliar
Sri. T. K. Usman Musaliar
Sri. T. K. Abdul Karim Musaliar
Sri. Akbar Hyder Musaliar
Sri. T. K. Jamaluddin Musaliar
Sri. Sadiq S. Thaha
Sri. M. A. Mahaboob
Sri. Khalid H. Musaliar
Sri. M. Haroon
Sri. Khaja Musaliar
Sri. George Jacob
Sri. Dipu George


Khaja Mohiyadeen Musaliar A. H.
MBA, Australia, Administrator
Mujeeb S
BCom, Asst Administrator

Multi-disciplinary professionals with expertise in their respective fields coupled with vast experience form the faculty of the School. Their experience includes academic and professional stints at IITs, European and American Universities. Many Successful Architects in Kerala can be traced to TKMCE. Their involvement in various workshops and Academic activities as part of visiting Faculty also gives impetus to the Design Programs initiated at the TKM School of Architecture. The Faculty is also actively involved in the formulation of the scheme and syllabus of the B.Arch programme of CUSAT.

Faculty Members

Jacob George
M Arch, Professor Design Chai
George Jacob
M Arch Principal
Dipu George
M Des, M Arch (Sc)Dean
Jolly John
M Arch, PhD Professor
Jayaram G S
B Arch, M PlanAsst Professor
Aswathy M S
B Arch, M Arch (UD) Asst Professor
Vishnu K
B Arch Asst Professor
Prashanth T S
MFAAssoc Professor
Sibala S R
B Arch, M PlanAsst Professor
Bigly Sathyapal
B Arch, M PlanAsst Professor
Nirmal Chandy
B Arch, M Arch (UD) Visiting Faculty
Niranjan Das Sharma
B Arch Visiting Faculty
Susan Vinu
B Arch, M Arch (LA) Asst Professor
Prasanth Mohan
B Arch Asst Professor
Amshunath R
B Arch, M Arch Assoc Professor
Athul V
B Arch, PG Diploma in Traditional ArchitectureAsst Professor
Ashik S
B ArchAsst Professor
Krishna A L
B Arch, M PlanAsst Professor
Sumaya Beevi
B Tech, M TechAsst Professor
Amrutha N
B Arch, M Planning (Housing)Asst Professor
Rintu Thomas
BTech, MESystem Administrator
Shiney Elizabeth Abraham
M Arch, Asst Professor
Jithin Shamsu
B Arch, Asst Professor

Support Staff

Muhammed Fazil M R
Dip Computer Engineering System Administrator
Amal Krishnan
MCom (Sc) Office Administrator
Jesna Jamal
M LISc Librarian


Society of Student Architects (SSA) is a student body of Architecture Students. It is an extension of the students of Architecture (NASA), which is the largest non – political student’s body in India. The society organizes guest lectures and seminars related to Architecture. The society conducts study tours to various study tours to various spots, which have architectural relevance.

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