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When the mind begins to experience the sensation of physical comfort, joy or satisfied desires, the intelligence has to act as judge with consciousness as mediator.

Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar


TKM College Trust

The year 1956 marked the beginning of a new epoch in the realm of higher education in the ‘Cashew Capital’ of the country, Kollam with Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar founding the TKM College Trust. Ever since its inception, the Trust has traversed miles in pursuit of excellence in education.TKM engineering college in Kerala was the first ever private engineering college in India and was founded in 1958.

The Trust has since established several other premier centers of learning including TKM Institute of Management, TKM College of Arts & Science,

TKM Institute of Technology, TKM School of Information & IT, TKM Centenary Public School, TKM Higher Secondary School andTKM School of Architecture.

The aim and objectives of the TKM College Trust is to establish educational institutions to serve the community and enhance the quality of life. It is in furtherance of the objectives, the Trust has established many other institutions to impart quality education. These institutions will endeavor to rise to the level of generator and disseminator of quality knowledge and to prepare the future generations to face the warp and the weft of the challenges in life.

tkm group of institutions founder thangal kunju musaliar

Legacy of Leadership

Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar  (1897-1966)

The name Thangal Kunju Musaliar conjures up memories of an era, when the call for independence echoed in every corner of the country. As a visionary, he understood that empowering an emerging nation lay in a strong and self-reliant economy.Thus, he pioneered the cashew export trade and soon built a vast business empire through impeccable planning and systematic implementation. By 1940, he had the unique distinction of being one of the world’s largest employers. To him, it means sustainable income to thousands of families. His next step was to bring quality education to the society. Indeed, his extraordinary foresight made him an industrialist, educationalist and philanthropist par excellence. The life of Thangal Kunju Musaliar exemplifies a personal drive with ‘vision’ in its true sense. The Government of India has issued a commemorative stamp in his honour.

Our Mission

  • Supportive & Competent Faculty
  • Student Friendly learning atmosphere
  • Sustainability & Energy Consciousness
  • Collaborative Team Work
  • Rural Empowerment through Design
  • International Relation & Networking
  • Intellectual Property Patents
  • Showcasing & Publications
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