Our design studios boast ample natural light and ventilation, complemented by state-of-the-art furniture, smart boards, and pin-up panels.

Computer Lab:

Our computer lab features state-of-the-art systems with cutting-edge design and 3D modelling software. Students benefit from high-speed internet connectivity, empowering them to execute their projects with efficiency and precision.

Photography Lab:

Our photography lab offers high-end audiovisual equipment, enabling students to explore visual media and documentation. The club supports aspiring photographers with camera rentals and workshops, fostering their passion for photography and architectural documentation. Additionally, the lab produces annual documentary movies on eminent personalities in the Indian Art and Architecture profession.

Building Science Lab

Our Building Science Lab is equipped to measure and analyse various parameters relevant to buildings and the microclimate of the region. These evaluations are crucial for assessing thermal comfort and indoor environmental quality in structures.


Our well-equipped library at TKM School of Architecture is staffed by trained professionals. The collection includes an impressive array of books, journals, e-journals in Architecture, Design, Building Science, and interdisciplinary fields, adhering to COA norms. Students can access major newspapers daily, and after consulting the catalogue, they can freely browse and peruse the collection on the shelves.


Our School offers unique and high-class Hostel Facilities with separate complexes for boys and girls. The infrastructure in the hostels creates a conducive environment for the highest level of learning and comfort.


The canteen at our school serves quality food to both staff and students at affordable rates throughout the day. Additionally, we have a dedicated cafeteria for breaks during Design Studio sessions, and a faculty lounge is available for student-faculty interactions outside of teaching hours.