design studio of the best architecture colleges in kerala


The design studios are well lit and ventilated. They are provided with state of the art furniture and have smart boards, pin-up panels. The ambience of the studio helps the student to enjoy and work while interacting with the nature and peer groups.

Computer Lab

Apart from consisting of state of the art computer systems is also equipped with cutting-edge software is design and 3D modeling. The lab also has high-speed internet connectivity for students to execute their projects.

computer lab of the best architecture colleges in kerala
photo lab of tkm school of architecture

Photography Lab

The lab comprises high-end audio visual equipment’s which provides avenues for students to explore further in the visual media and documentation. The Club has facilities and cameras for hire. The club encourages amateur photographers and beginner interested in learning the techniques of photography. They are also involved in documentary works related to arts and architecture. The activities include conducting workshops and experimenting in the photography media. Documentary movies about eminent personalities in Art and Architecture profession in India are produced on an annual basis at the Multi-Media lab in the campus.

Building Science Lab

The lab is capable of measuring and analyzing various parameters related to building and the micro climate of the region. These parameters are necessary and important for evaluating thermal comfort, Indoor environmental quality in a building.

building science lab of the best architecture colleges in kerala
library of the best b arch colleges in kerala


TKM School of Architecture has a well-equipped library with adequately trained staff. We have at present an impressive and counting list of excellent Books, Journals, E-Journals in Architecture, Design, Building Science and Interdisciplinary fields consistent with COA norms. All major newspapers are available daily in the library. After consulting the catalog the students can directly go to the shelves and browse the collection for their perusal.


The School has unique and high-class Hostel Facilities with separate complexes for boys and girls. The infrastructure facilities in the hostels are conducive to the highest class of learning environment.

hostel in tkm scholl of architecute
canteen of the best architecture colleges in kerala

Canteen / Cafeteria

The canteen functions with the sole objectives of providing quality food for staff and students alike at moderate rates during the day.

There is also a Cafeteria utilized for breaks during Design Studio. A faculty Lounge is also provided for interaction between students and faculty during non-teaching hours.

Arts Club

Be it an instrumentalist picking up a rhythm whenever called in or the vocalist who each and every person in the crowd looks up to be. Extra-Curricular activities have been encouraged in all the institutes administrated by the TKM Trust because of its beneficial aspects. A student’s progressive life is not just confined to academics but extends to the activities after classes. They provide an avenue for creativity which is not included in the formal course of study.

arts club in tkm school of architecture
reading facility in tkm school of architecture

Reading Club

The aim is to get students to think out of the box by encouraging them to read books and participate in discussions to exchange perspectives on the subjects which are outside the prescribed syllabus. This is an attempt to include the present generation to improve their knowledge & reading habits.