JWALA 2021-Freshers Day Celebration

TKM School of Architecture celebrated JWALA 2021, the event comprising the Freshers’ day, Junior Works Exhibition, and Diwali at our college premises. The Fresher’s Day Celebration was organized at TKM School of Architecture on 1st November 2021 to welcome all the first-year bachelor of architecture students and introduce them to our path of light.

Freshers’ day is the first day of college life, that marks the start of a new journey in the life of every new batch of students. The function was really marvelous and captivating with various colorful programs of the students that marked their creativity and versatility.

Jwala 2021, the Fresher’s Day Celebration was special in many ways. Getting together after a very long time was one of the best feelings ever! The josh & happiness like good old times was flourishing again among the students. Every student had a memorable day with joy and charm for the rest of their lives.

We also threw a Diwali celebration party on the day and our students lit up the campus through the works with decorative lights, ravishing rangolis, and delightful diyas. The beats of dandiya made the campus glow with the rhythm of music and the upbeats of dance.

Junior work exhibition provides a platform to explore the talents of the new batch of students of bachelor of architecture through exhibiting their creativity and for understanding the unique quality of the work. Being an architect, we always have to replicate the age and cultural context that created it and that knowledge make your work unique among the other inventive and artistic professions. Beyond simply providing shelter, the art of architecture becomes the representation and context for our lives. They must possess a range of qualities, most of which they have to stand out in.

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Architects should have a clear understanding of all building disciplines, together with structural, mechanical, artistic, and electrical. Architecture is purely an art form that manifests how we explore our true selves across the world, and it reflects the social and cultural adaptations, ideologies, styles, present scenarios, innovative techniques, and technologies. The exhibition also showcased one panel with all the best works done by the senior students of architecture of TKMSA to help the newcomers to appreciate and understand the expected quality of work. This will help the first-year bachelor of architecture students to improve their perceptions, and also it helps to improve or create a bond between all our gems, the students.

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