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  1. faculty meeting at tkmsa 2021

    Faculty Meeting 2021

    TKM School of Architecture conducted the Faculty Meeting 2021 on 17th November. The meeting was quite successful and special because it was the first offline…

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  2. architecture freshers day celebration

    JWALA 2021-Freshers Day Celebration

    TKM School of Architecture celebrated JWALA 2021, the event comprising the Freshers’ day, Junior Works Exhibition, and Diwali at our college premises. The Fresher’s Day…

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  5. jury visits tkm school of architecture

    UD Jury

    UD Jury was conducted last month.

  6. study tour in tkm school of architecture

    Students’ Tour

    Final year students’ tour.

  7. installation in tkm school of architecture

    Installation in campus

    Installation made by students in our campus.

  8. kanayi kunjiraman visits tkm school of architecture

    Honoring a master

    “KANAYI – Art . Life . Ethics” a Documentary film conceived by the Photography Club of TKM School of Architecture, to honor the veteran sculptor.…

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