Academics-Architecture Course Details

architecture studio of tkm school of architecture

Why Architecture?

If you are creative, imaginative, innovative and have a sense of space then architecture can be your choice. Creating something which is livable or adds to the psychological enhancement of a person or a group of people is what architecture does. It is an area were art, culture, nature, psychology, sustainability everything merges in.

Why choose TKMSA?

The TKM School of Architecture seeks to impart training for developing a creative mind in the students, leading to Design innovation, forth betterment of the society and nation at large. It also prepares the students to face the real-life and complex problems of the 21st century, striving to re-establish the strained human v/s nature relationship in the best possible way.

Keeping in tune with the legacy of our founder, we at TKM College Trust firmly believe that we should always do the utmost without compromising on our ideals and goals.

The School of Architecture Was set up in 2014, with an initial annual intake of 40 students. The fundamental thrust of the school’s philosophy has been to emphasize the sustainable nature of the design profession.

The school’s pedagogical methods seek to improve the design skills of the students by concentrating on a holistic approach to the projects at hand. These value-based skills honed at the institution also provides for entrepreneurial experiments.

studio of tkm school of architecture
presentation conducted at tkm school of architecture

The B.Arch program

The programme offered at the School is the recognized undergraduate B Arch (Bachelor in Architecture) by CUSAT (Cochin University of Science & Technology) and is duly approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. The School implements the credit based semester systems making use of the day to day developments in modern educational and design technologies. Many faculty members of the School are actively involved in the formulation of the scheme and syllabus of the B Arch Programme of CUSAT.

Design Program: The Instruction and research methodology at the School provides a foundation for design exploration and communication, offering students new ways to access design references, model buildings and a thorough knowledge of arts and sciences.

This experiential knowledge would give them confidence and build industry-worthiness to compete with real-world stakeholders.  Inter-class and faculty-student relationships contribute to a warm friendly atmosphere where the students feel at home and their minds and learning become a wonderful experience.

The Course equips the students for the profession with its six months practical training and tenth-semester thesis programme. Apart from design theory and Studio projects, the course includes the history of architecture, building science and technologies, structural theory, visual art, and professional practice. Interdisciplinary foundations skills inculcated along with the formal subjects serve the purpose of a well-rounded undergraduate education at the Institute.